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Colon and rectum anal stenosis on pages inertia colon colorectal cancer, disease Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, polyps rectal diverticulosis in pain from diverticulitis of familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) for gases of constipation bloating and diarrhea of the colon and rectum are part colonoscopy sigmoidoscopy flexible bowel, the long, hollow tubes, to move the stomach in the anal orifice. There are two types of bowel: thin (or depth) of the intestine and colon (also called colon or large intestine). Bowel connects the stomach to the colon then your rectum, that colon connects and finally their year. The colon is five or six feet and about one or two inches in diameter. The function of the colon is water and store waste products of digestion, until your body can drain. The shape a bit like a big question mark and starts near his right hip, originates in the ribs on the right side, crossed on the left side, and then to the left hip, where it's an s-curve to the year. (See the video-animation). The last part of the large intestine is called directly. In the lower part of the rectum are the sphincter. These muscles in order to avoid that the rectum empty accidentally. If a person is ready to have a movement of bowels to relax the sphincter and with effort, the stool may be expelled. An animation of the colon and rectum. Colon rectal of maintenancesome and health problems may be caused by bowel movements, which are too strong or too loose. Small hard stools can cut and tear the anal mucosa. Stool (or semi-liquid) not successfully opens the anal canal, and you can follow and irritates the anal skin. If the stools are a reasonable size and consistency and colon and rectal discomfort disappear. There are two simple things that you can do a lot of colon and anal problems to clarify: fiber (natural herbal powder), a proper cleaning of dust of course is an easy way to help the stool to give coherence, that the consumption of dietary fibre. The fibre is used as a stabilizer of the stool, which prevents it from becoming too hard or too soft. Fiber prevents, this anal hard skin stool and helps lemonade diet buy online move your bowel movements easier. Pharmacies sell fiber glass or natural vegetable powder without prescription. It may be varieties without sugar and wheat Baja who are good to use. The recommended dose, which often appear in the container is little clear, anal problems. Many doctors, depending on the brand used, recommends a dose of three tablespoons not teaspoons completely in water, juice or milk once in the morning. Ask your doctor to determine whether it is appropriate for your condition. A photo in a healthy colon. Some people experience cramps, if they start before using a natural vegetable powder. In this case, the dosage for a week and then return to the half dose adjusted. If that doesn't work, make sure your doctor. Fiber intake, be sure to drink extra fluids when you are thirsty. It is advisable to drink six to eight glasses of water or juice daily. Cleaning be sure anal hygiene after defecation to use, be sure to clean the anal area. Toilet paper, the most common method is to clean the anal area after a bowel movement and can cause stools task anal skin. This can cause itching, irritation or other problems. To avoid these problems, you must use wipes packed in trade (wipes), about in your pocket or your bag. If you do this, the search for labels say unscented hypoallergenic, alcohol-free. Review by Dr. POOJA Elias (March 2012) and, .